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Andrew B Coathup
5 min readMay 10, 2019

Last Friday I attended an awesome house party and using the party (burner) wallet, I bought stuff.

What does such a party look like you ask, well watch my special Party Episode vlog.

Party Episode of the vlog


I prebought $20 of tokens as I was still testing a mini-dApp I created. (Right to the wire)

This allowed me to pay for a few goes of the fart mini-dApp and do some testing.

At the party I got another $30 worth of tokens.

Onboarding was pretty smooth. (For me at least)


The fridge had a laptop perched on top showing a QR code for a burner wallet with a pay what you feel. (Suggested feel, F 2000). I started with a white wine or two.

There was a guest dressed as the barista that they would want to serve them, sharing out shots of Kahlúa. We negotiated down to F 2750. I managed a few of those, including one on the house. (It’s apparently vegan and very drinkable)

Original Art

A female artist (yes much to my wife’s surprise, there were quite a few women at the party) was drawing a horse on one of the many white boards.

Unique horse art

As a purveyor of crypto horse art I quickly purchased the horse, first checking I was also buying rights to physical versions too. I took some photos and destroyed the physical evidence. I was a bit grumpy that the artist also took a photo. Stay tuned for another horse crypto collectible or at the very least a tshirt.

VIP Access

There was a VIP area that you could only access with a Flex Dapps gold watch or a VIP pass.

You could buy a VIP pass if you paid the current owner 5% more (Harberger Tax) after a grace period. I waited patiently to buy a VIP pass.

I’d been told prior to the party that I couldn’t rent a watch, steal a watch or buy a replica. Plus the security looked fierce.

Whilst waiting, I got talking with a Flex employee (they shall remain nameless) asking what they had to sell. They pulled out a mystery item from Poland (I still don’t know what it was) and a gold watch with its label still on. (They don’t wear watches apparently). I don’t think they knew it’s true party value, so with the information asymmetry in my favour we got down to negotiating. F 25,000 bought me an original Flex gold watch, access to the VIP area and unlimited brown liquor.

Me enjoying all you can (responsibly) drink brown liquour

I did offer to flip the watch later for double the price. First trying to post on the picture wall (but was failing on iOS) and then for quadruple in person. Though looking back I am very pleased to have my Flex gold watch.

Add to flip my new watch


There were amazing vegan ginger cookies by Higher Crumble.

I think I ate four of them.

Check them out on Instagram.


There was a guest performing magic tricks. The trick on display was a rubber band moving through another rubber band. I tipped the magician a few thousand as they put on a great show.

We had a discussion over how much it would cost to show the trick on the vlog. Also how much to teach the trick but we didn’t come to a final price.

Crypto Kitty

I took along my physical representation of a Crypto Kitty proof of concept to the party to sell. (See my Adventures in Art for how I created it)

After negotiating with a collector who appreciated its provenance, I covered the cost of my materials and restocked my party balance.

Ari my Crypto Kitty


The party had an auction. With my Crypto Kitty wealth I could compete with the high rollers.

I bought an EOS backpack for F 12,000.

I then bought two physical representations of tokens, a HCash token (F 10,000) and a Talent Coin (F 5,000). I gave my dad the Talent Coin.

Talent coin


A prominent member of the community in Australia offered a bag of coins or a roll of notes for sale. I chose the coins. Which again I gave to my dad.

Bag of coings

A female guest was selling fidget cubes. I bought one for the bargain price of F 2,000. She also gave it to me in its original box. My son has had lots of fun with it.

A guest with face tattoos (or was it makeup) sold me a book “F**king Apostrophes” which my wife now has.

I managed to sell a custom BlockHorse. The new owner picked some very stylish colours.

I tried selling my glasses but no one was buying.

Barista I want to be: slightly pretentious but still accessible and only serves soya lattes in reusable cups

I spent a small fortune playing Regatta but Steamboat Spiderman failed to win a race.

Steamboat Spiderman who let me down so many times


The future is fun. Burner wallets aren’t as easy as Apple Pay but the transaction fees on xDAI are tiny. This was the best house party I’ve ever been to.

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