How an early NFT project was created, then years later rediscovered with 238 Ether worth of cats traded.

Adventures in future living

Party Episode of the vlog


I prebought $20 of tokens as I was still testing a mini-dApp I created. (Right to the wire)


The fridge had a laptop perched on top showing…


Alexander Ramsey of Flex Dapps was discussing how to display a gallery of NFT collectibles (including art labels) at the Web3 Melbourne weekly hack. Alex talked about an exhibition at DevCon he had seen using iPads. Full credit goes to Alex for the ideas that led to the adventures below.

Collectibles in Trust Wallet


NFT collectibles generally…

Part of my Peepeth series.


Peepeth is a microblogging platform (with a soul). Users create peeps (posts) that are shown in the feed.

Part of my Peepeth series.


Leeroy (the original Decentralised Social Network on Ethereum) required an Ethereum transaction per action. This could get expensive very quickly and I believe was a barrier to performing any actions at all (as the price of Ether increased).


Decentralised (public) social media has the concept that all posts are public, don’t depend on a centralised authority and that there is no delete.


Peepeth is a microblogging platform created by Bevan.

(on Windows)

  • Node.js and npm
  • Visual Code
  • GitHub
  • Truffle
  • OpenZeppelin

Node.js and npm

Download and install Node.js from the website. (I had issues on Windows with Truffle using version 10, so changed to version 8 LTS.)

Visual Code

Download and install…

Andrew B Coathup

Software Engineer (blockchain)

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